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Written Values & Beliefs

Posted Date: 02/13/2023

Written Values & Beliefs

School Motto – “Achieving Excellence Together”

School Creed - Today I pledge to be the best possible me. No matter how good I am, I know that I can become better. Today I pledge to build on the work of yesterday which will lead me into the rewards of tomorrow. Today I pledge to feed my mind new knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Today I pledge to reach for new goals, new challenges, and new horizons. Today I pledge to listen, to the beat of my drummer who leads me onward in search of dreams. Today I pledge to believe in me! ~Mychal Wynn

School Vision- The vision of MPAC is to provide a positive and supportive culture where academic growth and success is the highest priority as scholars demonstrate civic responsibility, prepare for postsecondary education and careers, and engage in positive personal development.

School Mission- The mission of the Madison Parish Alternative Center is to support and assist scholars in achieving their highest potential through positive individual, flexible, and structured educational experiences designed to enhance their academic growth and foster lifelong learning.